A visit with Daniel Daou

Peter Bowers - Mary and Tony Beecher

Peter Bowers - Mary and Tony Beecher

Some good friends told us about Daou Vineyards. They know Daniel Daou who hosted a private tasting at their house. I sent an email to Daniel and he arranged a visit to their property. We were met by Peter Bowers, who is the Winery General Manager. There was a group of 4 people from Los Angeles who also joined us. As we stood overlooking the property Peter told us the Daou Story. We then took a drive up to the winery that is under construction and drove through the trees to the hilltop paradise where they are planning a small B&B for their club members. The view from the top is magnificent.

After the tour we met up with Daniel and headed down to the house to taste some wine. Daniel and Peter graciously poured their Cabernet, Chardonnay, Petite Sirah, and Syrah. Peter, who has a long history in the Hospitality business created a wonderful meal of fresh bread, cous cous, fabulous cheeses, fresh veggies, and salad. We were not expecting a meal, much less an elegant feast. For dessert, Peter melted some Hagen-Dazs vanilla and poured it over some fresh fruit. They then poured some of their Pasorina wine. Pasorina is a Moscato, it paired perfectly with the dessert. It is a very fun wine.

The wines of Daou are very nice. They are clean, Bordeaux, and Rhone blends. They are competively priced and really should be tasted. You can find Daou wines in some of the finest dining establishments.

To read the Daou story, please check out their website here.

Here is a short video from the top of the hill.

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