Tobin James Cellars – Paso Robles Wine

Lance and Claire Silver – co-owners of Tobin James Cellars are the reason that Mary and I fell in love with the Paso Robles Wine region. We met them in 1997 and they showed us what the good people of Paso Robles are all about. They have a wide variety of wine and present it in a very fun atmosphere.

We joined their wine club member and we are member number 151 or so. Their list has grown immensely and they have become wizards and maintain their customer base. Tobin James does things right. They still consider themselves a small winery but their tasting room was packed on a Tuesday afternoon. They have built a customer allegiance that is awe inspiring. They have learned how to make their customers love them. They are marketing geniuses. When you receive their twice-yearly wine club shipment they always include a prize. The last shipment had a metal paper towel holder. All of their merchandise and surprises have their sun logo on them. As you acquire more goodies, you end up with their logo all over your house. You can even see the logo all over town. At home you see the sun logo and you think about the fun time you had at Tobin James.

Lance found out that it was Mary’s birthday and had some gourmet appetizers ready for her. We spent a couple of hours tasting everything, including their reserve wines. We were, once again, treated like royalty.

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