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  1. Shirley Rhodes says:

    Do you have “Cirque Du Vin” red wine blend. I was given a bottle and am interested in buying more

  2. Tony Beecher says:

    You can find it at BevMo or many Costco’s.

    You can even get it direct from

    If you join their club it is a great price. I really like this wine!


  3. charlie says:

    Do you have Barrel 27. Bull by the horns2007

  4. Tony Beecher says:

    It looks like it is hard to find. You can always try their site –>

  5. David Cable says:

    We carry the Barrel 27 Wines, as well as many other Paso Robles area wines.

  6. Tony Beecher says:

    Hi Bob,

    You should try San Diego Wine – – They have a broad selection.


  7. vera rosato says:

    We were served a zinfandel recently that we thoroughly enjoyed. The label said “Paso” with another word after it. The label had the image of a black tree with bare branches. Can you help me find this particular wine?

  8. Tony Beecher says:

    I don’t know. Anyone out there familiar with this brand?


  9. Susan says:

    It’s called Paso Creek 🙂 heading there right now

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