The Wine Line

The Wine Line

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For only $59.95* per person you get shuttled to your choice of approximately 60 Paso Robles’ wineries between the East side, West side and Downtown. No other service gives you the freedom and flexibility to taste at your own pace and choose where you want to go.

What’s different? We are a door to door, “Hop On, Hop Off” shuttle service. We let you set your pace and create your own itinerary. Our climate controlled, BioDiesel vans pick you up at your accommodations and start you on our loops of approximately 60 wineries. You can “hop on and hop off” at whichever wineries you want and we’ll be back to pick you up in 40 minutes.  You can also transfer from the East side to the West side or vice versa, via a Downtown tasting room or “hop off” for lunch at any of the fine Downtown restaurants and cafes.

Pick ups are generally scheduled between 10:30-11:30am and are coordinated geographically.  Please bear in mind we may have additional pick ups before or after your group along the way.  The end of your tasting day is typically 4:00-4:30pm. Late pick ups and early returns are also possible upon request (an additional fee would apply for areas outside of Paso Robles, Templeton or Atascadero).

When you choose to “hop off” we walk you in, introduce you to the tasting room staff who take you from there, tell you about their wines and their winery, and do your pouring and tasting. When we return, we walk in, let you know we are back and if you’re ready, you “hop” back on to proceed to the next winery of your choice. If you choose to stay a bit longer, no problem – we’ll be back again in another 40 minutes to take you to your next destination. Our Wine Line Tasting Guide may help you make your choice of which wineries to visit.

As you are going to be out all day, lunch is always a concern. On our Lunch Menu file you’ll find the choices for the lunch we, and two others, can offer you. Underscoring our mission of freedom and flexibility, we have several options available to you:

1. Bring your own carried in our cooler until you’re ready to picnic at a vineyard.
2. Enjoy The Wine Line gourmet organic lunch for $15 per person.
3. “Hop off” at any of the fine Downtown restaurants and cafes.
4. Pick up a gourmet organic sandwich and sides at Farmstand 46 at the Four Vines tasting room on the West side and get 10% off
5. Eat lunch and do tasting at your table at Eagle Castle Winery on the West side from 11:30-3:30 (12-2 Winter Hours)
6. Grab a freshly cooked panini when you stop in at Sylvester Winery.
7. Enjoy a nice sit down lunch at Falcon Nest Winery on the East side.
8. Have It’s A Wrap deliver their delicious wraps to you on the loop
Check out our Lunch Menu to review our sandwich options, and Farmstand 46 and Eagle Castle’s offerings.

We only need to know in advance, preferably by the day before your tour, if we are providing your lunch.  Everything else can be decided on a whim!

You no longer have to be stuck with a group all day, subject to their pace or only visit the wineries to which they are all taken. And because you won’t spend all of your money on transportation you can afford to buy some of the fabulous wine and take it home to enjoy!

*$59.95 is for the all day, “Hop On, Hop Off” service, with pick up and return in the Paso Robles, Atascadero and Templeton region. Additional pick up charges apply for outside areas (per group, not per person) as follows:
San Luis Obispo-$35
San Simeon-$40
Cayucos/Morro Bay-$40
Shell/Avila/Pismo Beach-$45

*Prices subject to change.


Cancellation policy: 72 hour notice for groups of 6 or less and 2 weeks for groups of 7 or more.  Should you cancel prior to these time frames there is no fee, however, afterward we will hold you responsible for the entire amount.  Please note, should your group reduce in size you may be held responsible for those seats if we are not notified within the above referenced time frames.

Intoxication: We are here to help you have a wonderful day and we are certain you are going to, although we do ask that you be mindful of your consumption. Should we observe, or be notified by a tasting room server, that anyone in your party is becoming too intoxicated to continue we will address it, encourage a break with food and water and hopefully resolve the issue, however if it becomes a problem we reserve the right to return to you to your accommodations without refund.  Additionally, there will be a $100 cleaning fee for anyone who gets sick inside the van.

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