Paso Robles Wine

Paso Robles Wine

Meet the Makers at Tobin James.

Tobin James Cellars is a must-visit Tasting Room in Paso Robles! We first found out about Tobin James in the mid-late 1990’s. We were not very familiar with Paso wines at the time. Many people call their wine “Paso Robles in a glass!”

We were visiting the Paso region for the first time, and stopped in at Dover Canyon Winery. We met Mary Baker there. She is a noted creative branding & startup consultant for the wine industry. She is also a chef and an author on all thing’s ‘wine’.

We let Mary know that we were new to the area and asked her where to visit. She told us that we HAD to visit Tobin James Cellars. She then took one of her best bottles of Zinfandel and signed it with a gold pen and asked us to give it to Toby at Tobin James. We walked out of there thinking ‘What a weird thing! She just met us and gave us one of her most expensive bottles to give to someone else. “

That bottle was magic! We walked into Tobin James Cellars and asked for Toby. He came over and we presented him with the bottle that Mary Baker had given us. He was so happy to see it. He immediately became our friend. We still stop in to see Lance, Claire, and Toby whenever we visit Paso Robles.

That is the power of Paso Robles. Everybody knows everybody. Even to this day we still ask wineries if there are any interesting places that we should go see. They always have a great answer.

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